Stoke Clinics

Specific stroke clinics are great for children who need that extra practise and assistance on one particular swimming stoke. The clinics focus on developing and improving each specific stroke on an individual day throughout the week. 

The Stroke Clinics run for 1.5hrs. We provide a bottle of water, fruit and a snack to eat while they have a 15 minute out of water discussion on their strokes & corrections before getting back in the pool.

We ask parents drop off 5 minutes before the scheduled start time and come to pick up 10 minutes before the end of the lesson. 

Monday 11th & 18th Jan - 1pm-2:30pm

Tuesday 12th & 18th Jan - 1pm-2:30pm

Wednesday 13th & 18th Jan - 1pm-2:30pm

Thursday 14th & 18th Jan - 1pm-2:30pm

Friday 15th & 18th Jan - 1pm-2:30pm

$30 each or $120 for the week